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Premier Professional Resumes is a resume writing and career document development firm that serves professionals with 5 to 20+ years of experience. Nearly 70% of our clients have never engaged in a job search. Our clients progressed through their careers organically being recruited by former leaders or via their network. As your career progresses the pool of available positions becomes narrow and competition intensifies.

The 2020 Jobvite Job Seeker National survey stated that 25% of American workers have themselves lost a job or have an immediate family member who lost a job due to corporate downsizing within the past year. Online job boards are still the most popular format for posting job openings (69%) followed by social media such as LinkedIn (42%). Recruiting has changed during the pandemic, 84% have adapted their hiring process enabling remote exchanges and 58% of recruiters are now using social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with potential hires.
Career marketing documents must be optimized for laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Each digital impression and document should have consistent branding and be customized to your target position to increase your ranking and improve your digital presence. The 2020 Jobvite survey of recruiters also stated that 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn for their search and 97% will review your LinkedIn profile prior to contacting you for an interview. Social media and artificial intelligence (AI) are also a significant element to the search due to system matching and recommendations. Have you analyzed your social media brand identity?
The Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter, and Executive Biography should all be in alignment and convey your story. Let Premier Professional Resumes guide you through the process and develop your brand.

30 Day Interview Guarantee

We guarantee you will secure an interview within 30 days of your first job posting submission utilizing your final resume documents. 

Spotlight Testimonials

"Ok... how's this... through your brilliant resume re-write and your spot-on counseling and advice, I have secured 6 interviews in 3 days. In case you think you miss-read that: 6 interviews in 3 days! Quality, C-level executive positions with solid, reputable companies... exactly what I was targeting. To put that in perspective, I had secured 2 interviews in 4 weeks with my old resume. My dear Miss Tammy, I can't thank you enough! To say I'm ecstatic is an understatement. THANK YOU!"
J.M., CFO & COO, Commercial Construction

First day - "Guess what? The new resume is already working! I applied for about a half dozen jobs today, got two emails in response, and two of the hiring directors viewed my LinkedIn profile. Thanks again!"
- J.J., Executive Director, Non-profit 

"I wanted to write to let you know that I'll be starting a new position. I had to put in quite an effort in-person, but I know that your resume got me through the initial screening, and in the front door. Sincerely appreciate your help."
- C.M., Digital Product Manager, IT Innovation

"Tammy is top notch and I would recommend her to any professional who is seeking a professional resume, LinkedIn profile page, and executive biography to advance their careers. She is excellent in every way! I am very pleased to send you this email and to acknowledge her tremendous talent and skill. I give her my highest recommendation."
- C.S., SVP, Global Sales, AI & Robotics Automation

"I will thank you so much for your help and guidance. It's so true that we live in a world of age discrimination and you made me realize that these things matter. Your help is greatly appreciated.. it was fun to work with you and also gave me some food for thought on what I want to do with my career. You are an amazing person and awesome resume writer."
- N.S., V.P., Innovation, Data, & Models, Financial Services

Resume Development – 

What do you do best? Do you have the quantifiable facts to convey your success? How much have you helped your company save in time and money? Have you helped increase their customer base / market penetration? Did you lead a turnaround or growth situation? What sets you apart from your peers? What complements or positive feedback do you hear most? What do you want the next 5 years to be focused on daily?


Our goal is to communicate in quantifiable terms your impact on the organization and what you are able to offer the potential employer. We will highlight your leadership characteristics, scope of expertise, and depth of knowledge within specific situations and sectors.

The reader should be able to skim a well written resume document and still pick up on transferable skills, leadership style, and achievements. Your career story should be the focus of the documents communicating your career progression and success. Who are you? What do you do? What are your strengths? What quantifiable results have you produced? The average hiring manager reviews 200+ resumes per day. Our goal is to ensure that you stand out against the competition. Their goal is to eliminate as many candidates as possible and identify the ideal candidate quickly and efficiently. Your first impression is important – you only have 10 to 15 seconds to grab the reader’s attention.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used to systematically filter out candidates without minimum qualifications and identify keywords relevant to the individual roles. Proper resume document development is a balance between getting through the Applicant Tracking Systems and maintaining readability and brevity for the reader. Include quantifiable facts to convey your impact on the business. A deep-dive analysis is required to identify your career achievements and conduct an in-depth reflection of your characteristics, skills, and experience to build your brand. Are you using the best resume format for all of the systems and readers of various technical levels?

Perhaps you have issues to address – a significant employment gap, career transition to a new field, relocation, or appearance of a “job hopper.” Developing your career documents to tell your story and positioning you for the next step is a multi-stage process. The format of the resume base document should be strategically selected to optimize your visibility ensuring a resume that stands out

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which areas should I highlight? Should I include skills on the resume?

  • Are resume objective statements still used? What is a branding statement?

  • How do I identify the quantifiable achievements while maintaining my confidentiality agreements?

  • What do I do once I have the new documents? How do I start my search?

  • Do recruiters and hiring managers read resumes and cover letters?

  • How much impact does the LinkedIn Profile have on my job search?

  • Should I be concerned about my existing social media posts and visibility? How do I scrub my digital presence?

  • Is there a way to protect myself from age discrimination? How much of my experience do I provide information for or is it relevant?

We pride ourselves on providing productive documents, guidance, and resume tips. Before you launch your search, we will coach you to customize the resume and cover letter to optimize your keyword hits and candidacy. The LinkedIn profile is designed to drive recruiters and hiring managers toward you profile for the positions you are actually interested in pursuing. Pricing starts at $450 and will be quoted during the review.