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Resume -

The review will assess how well the resume will perform and if it meets the primary requirements to communicate your story.
Areas of focus for analysis –

  • Format, length, and tone for target positions.

  • Modern format to meet current standards. Title, sub-title, and customizable keyword section included.

  • Easy to read and visually pleasing utilizing F-shaped pattern, most common user eye-scanning pattern among recruiters.

  • Comparison to other resumes at your level.

  • Overall design including lines, bolding, bullets, and tables. Determine if the document will process in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

  • Resume is targeted toward the type of position you are pursuing.

  • Easily customizable without a great deal of time dedicated by you to maximize candidacy and search ranking.

  • Document contains quantifiable facts that will convey what you are able to accomplish. The goal is to clearly communicate what you will bring to the organization.

  • It contains the appropriate verbiage / language for the position.

  • Provides detail for relevant jobs spanning the last 10 to 15 years.

  • Protects you from potential age discrimination.


LinkedIn Profile Review -

LinkedIn is a critical element to the job search today. Currently, 87% of recruiters utilize LinkedIn, and 80% of LinkedIn users are decision-makers in a position to hire. 
Areas of focus for analysis –

  • Personalized LinkedIn URL.

  • Profile photo – positive first impression.

  • Background customization – stock photo.

  • Name and credentials included.

  • High impact and keyword appropriate Headline.

  • Summary provides a concise snapshot of you as a leader, including a few of your career-defining achievements and specialties. This section includes 2,600 characters. The goal is to use as many as possible to optimize the unique algorithm within the section.

  • Includes experience for the last 10 to 15 years.

  • Protects you from potential age discrimination.

  • Keywords are included under each role to maximize your hits in scanning systems.


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