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Financial Resume Sample
Financial Resume Sample
Operations Resume Sample
Operations Resume Sample

"I wanted to say thank you for all the help and work you have done on my resume and LinkedIn profile. Because of that work I have gotten some solid leads and phone interviews with recruiters. Some didn't go past the recruiter round but one did and I have an offer. Thanks Tammy, you walk on water by my estimate at least."

- W.D., Management Consultant, Banking & eCommerce

“I am very happy with the results. Thank you very much for your hard work and effort on my resume. I have already received positive feedback and instant interest after submitting it for job openings.”
- M.S., Vice President, Supplier Management, Healthcare


“Wow, I have known for a long time that I do not blow my own horn well but you have taken my own words and make me wonder if I am reading about myself then – I pause and say yes, it is me.”
- T.R., Director, Procurement & Materials Management, Manufacturing


“I wasn’t sure what to expect but, I like it! Having been on both sides of the table, I was well aware that my old resume was dry and unappealing. When I read through this new one, it seems like a new person! More alive and interesting, with a better depth and breadth of experiences. This one, even I would probably call in. Thanks!”
- R.S., Chief Executive Officer, International Services & Healthcare


“WOW! I am speechless and in awe of your talent! I feel hired already!”
- F.S., Partner, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturing

“Thank you for all your hard work and diligence on this project. I have been extremely satisfied with the Resume Rewrite, Executive Bio, LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter.”
- R.H., Chief Executive Officer, Manufacturing


“Thanks for everything you’ve done! Someone on The Ladders called within minutes of my posting the new resume on their site.”
- A.C, Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources


“I’ve been over the CV several times now and honestly can’t find anything that I’d like to change. You are selling me better than I can sell myself. Many thanks!”
- J.K., Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare

"Let me tell you right now that I was very impressed with what you have done. (I am not a "know-it-all", but with a Ph.D. and an MBA I thought that I could handle - as well as anyone - doing my resume. I was wrong! I can tell you right now that my money is well-spent and I am truly impressed with this draft!) Thank you!!!!!!!"
- G.G., President, Healthcare Service

Sales Resume Sample
IT Resume Sample
IT Resume Sample

"Thank you, Tammy!  I was amazed at how you were able to help me clearly articulate my skills, strengths and career achievements…and then sum it up into my overall brand.  You took the time to understand and translate what makes me unique from other applicants.  Not only did it help my actual resume and LinkedIn profile, but it also prepared me for the interview process that followed.  It was a true pleasure working with you!"

- A.G., VP, Rx Category Management & Programs

"Through your brilliant resume re-write and spot-on counseling and advice, I have secured 6 interviews in 3 days. In case you think you miss-read that: 6 interviews in 3 days! Quality, C-level executive positions with solid, reputable companies... exactly what I was targeting. To put that in perspective, I have secured 2 interviews in 4 weeks with my old resume. My dear Miss Tammy, I can't thank you enough! To say that I'm ecstatic is an understatement."

- J.M.,  Chief Financial Officer / Corporate Controller, Commercial Construction

"Nice work Tammy! I am very pleased with the layout and content. You have captured my 25 years of work in a few easy pages." 
- L.P., Senior Technical Project Manager, Business Communications

“Thank you so much. You are gifted! You have an amazing ability to rapidly get one’s work knowledge and life experience and state it in only 2 pages in an outstanding and professional way. It just couldn’t be better. Thanks again!”
- J.V., Managing Director, Global Automotive & Commercial Manufacturing


“You have surpassed by expectations with the resume and cover letter!! Simply incredible!”
- H.H., Vice President, Clinical Operations, Healthcare


“I am extremely satisfied with both documents. You did a great job and you should be proud of yourself. You have a unique gift.”
- B.P., Global Controller, Manufacturing


“You are obviously great at what you do. Both the cover letter and the resume look amazing!”
- W.G., President & Chief Executive Officer, Private Medical Device Manufacturer


"You are much better at this than I am. I'm glad I found you. Looks great!

G.P., President / CEO, Technology Consulting & Communications


“Thank you so much for working on my resume. You are really a master on doing this! I was positively surprised when I saw the resume.  I love the way you captured and presented my qualifications, skills, and accomplishments in just two pages. You did a terrific job!”

- M.E., Vice President, Economic Development & Community Empowerment


"Thank you for the outstanding job. Looks great! Thank you for all of your help - the service was excellent!"

- S.P., Chief Financial Officer, Retail


"I absolutely LOVE this resume. You did an amazing job. I read it about a dozen times and I can't think of one single thing that I want to change. I'm really happy with it. Thank you!"

- N.J., Accounting Manager / System Administrator, Not-for-profit Organization

"It is amazing actually. I already have a request for an interview from a recruiter for a job that is exactly what I want. Only 2 hours after updating my LinkedIn. You are amazing. Great job. Job well done."

- S.B., Senior Technical Cloud & Application Manager, IT

"Great job! I truly believe you have captured my story! Thank you so very much!"

- P.K., Retail & Medical Sales

"Thank you so much for your hard work, I loved it. I am very pleased with the outcome!"  

- A.S., Chief Financial Officer, International Finance

This is amazing!!! you have managed to capture what I have been struggling to express for the very longest! I love how you made the resume much more "ageless." The LinkedIn Profile looks fantastic! I love the tone of the cover letter and I am overall very impressed how you managed to give the documents "my" voice.

- P.S., Director of Administration& Operations, Global Retail

“You did an amazing and great job on my resume. I will certainly recommend you to friends. Looking forward to working with you again!

- B.G., Senior Compliance Executive, Financial Services 


“I wanted to start off by saying thank-you very much for writing such a beautiful resume and cover  letter for me, I truly believe that the words chosen accurately represents my personality and achievements.”

- M.S., Consultant, Engineering


“Amazing! Third time through and still smiling uncontrollably! I can't believe how well you nailed it. Love it! Really do love it!!”

- K.B., Group Controller, Commercial Manufacturing


“I want to say thanks so much for the re-write you did on my resume. I've gotten a lot of hits from this version. It's made a big difference in my job search.”

- M.H., Sales Executive, Healthcare

“You did an amazing and great job on my resume. I will certainly recommend you to friends. Looking forward to working with you again!
- B.G., Senior Compliance Executive, Financial Services

"Wow!  I am very impressed. Thank you so much for your help. I am amazed that you captured things so well and that it required so little editing." 
- M.M., Project Management Consultant, International IT


“I am very happy with the outcome and I honestly have no comments on any changes. It is very impressive and I am very satisfied with the documents.”
- H.K., Chief Financial Officer, Social Media & Advertising


"Thank you so much Tammy for everything. It's been a really fantastic experience working through these updates with you. I feel I am in a far superior place now to continue my search."

- N.R., Director of Strategic Initiatives & Innovation, Manufacturing

​"I think you took my resume to a next level! Now I fully understand your original assessment of my previous resume. You have a great way with words and extracting the essence of a subject matter."

- J.E., Director of Product Engineering, Manufacturing

"Responsive, helpful, informed assistance. Great feedback and dialogue. Resume looks great. LinkedIn Profile is generating more search hits. A good investment in the future for myself and my family."

- S.T., Senior Vice President of Operations, Healthcare

"WOW!! I love what you did for my resume. I'm extremely pleased with the product. Thank you!!

- J.C., Corporate Controller, Global Environmental Consulting Organization