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Minimalism & LinkedIn By now you may have seen the new LinkedIn interface. The intent is to align the LinkedIn desktop and mobile app experiences. The presentation of information is being consolidated and minimized. The ability to convey the key points with the fewest number of characters is vital. One of the significant changes to the interface is the abbreviated visibility and limited customization within the “Work Experience, Projects, and Education” sections. The individual sections are truncated and requires users to click “See More” in order to view all of the information. The Summary is collapsed to display the first 220 characters. It puts tremendous pressure on the information that is visible without opening the individual sections. Limited Reordering & Notification Changes Users are still able to “Reorder” the “Featured Skills & Endorsements” section. Drag the lines to the right of the “Skill” keyword below “Reorder.” The Privacy Settings have also changed. The settings are down the rabbit hole – go to “Me” – “Privacy & Settings” – click “Privacy” in the center of the page – “Sharing Profile Edits” – “On / Off” switch. It is beneficial to turn this option “Off” when updating the profile. The “Experience” and “Education” sections also have a “No, don’t update my network” setting. Instead of changing it here, rely on the global settings to avoid confusion. Following & See More “Companies, Schools, Influencers, and Groups” are located under “See More” within the “Following” section. Participating in the “Groups” conversations will increase user connections and encourages overall network growth. Accomplishments – Multiple Categories The “Accomplishments” section includes “Certification, Course, Honor & Award, Language, Patent, Project, Publication, Test Score, and Organization” categories. Again, the information will be hidden except for the first data point listed. Adjust your entries to make sure the most important information is visible before the “See More” click, in case the reader doesn’t click. Sections Removed Move the information previously listed within the “Causes You Care About” and “Supported Organization” in the “Volunteer Experience” section. The “Interests” section has been removed. It was one of the few locations that was not standardized. It was recommended that users provided the “Prior Tenures” information within this section to include the detail necessary while protecting clients from age discrimination. Users must now list the roles in the “Projects” section in the new interface. Listing the dates is not recommended. Due to the limitations of the “See More” sections, users should list each role in reverse chronological order. Update Time When you see “Me” and a bubble of your profile picture at the top right of the page, you have the new interface. If you are using the new version, review the profile to identify what content might have been removed. Read what the new interface has listed above the “See More.” There are only two lines visible in the introductory summary. Determine if those two lines create the impact necessary to convey your focus and leadership. Before you start making any changes, check your Privacy and Notifications settings to verify everything is “Off.” If you do not have the new interface, read my previous post “LinkedIn is Changing. Are You Ready?” on how to back up your profile content. LinkedIn continues to roll out updates. As the interface evolves, user profiles will evolve with them. The profile has become such as critical portion of the job search it is necessary to monitor the status of the LinkedIn profile. Premier Professional Resumes / Executive Career Pathway possesses exceptional experience developing productive, high impact LinkedIn Profiles for clients. Contact us today for a free review.

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