Resume Strategy Tip #2

Title vs. Objective Statement

The top quarter of page one is vital to communicating your brand, achievements, and areas of focus within your career. Instead of using an objective statement, we use actual position titles to target the document. It’s important to remember that your resume is actually a career marketing document that is intended to give employers a good sense of your qualifications and skills. With a quality document, you will be able to make the most of the opportunity to sell your experience and expertise. Companies essentially want to know what you are capable of achieving and how you can improve their business, so by utilizing the actual title of the position you are submitting for, you will come across as more intentional in your pursuit of the job. It will also increase your keyword hits within the scanning systems. It’s important to use keywords in your documents in order to attract the employer as much as possible. Below your title, it’s beneficial to include the most prominent keywords for that particular role. You should also pay attention to the keywords listed under the requirements section of the job posting and customize those keywords toward your individual positions of interest in order to maximize your candidacy and visibility.

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