Resume Strategy Tips #3

Summary Paragraph

It is important to utilize a brief paragraph to describe yourself as a leader and establish your brand. Are you analytical? Do you consider yourself resourceful or decisive? This is where your story begins. It is time to set the basis for your leadership style, years of experience, and areas of focus.

It might seem silly to list “15 years of experience.” Yet when you read the requirements section of most leadership posts, you will find that they normally have a minimum requirement of years of experience. When employers see that you have experience, they will immediately recognize / consider you as a potential candidate.

Why would you not want to qualify yourself? Include the areas that you have managed and the size / type of organizations. Was it by chance for a Fortune 500 company, private equity, or startup? The reader is trying to qualify you for their type of organization, so it’s always a good idea to provide the information they are looking for quickly.

It’s best for the summary to be 5 to 7 lines in length and it should not be written in the first or third person, which is a common mistake. Your LinkedIn Profile should be written in the first person and an Executive Biography in the third person, and the resume itself should always be structured utilizing a tight writing style.

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