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Professional Writing Services

Are you at the beginning of your search? Are you not receiving a response from your existing documents? We will show you how to customize the document toward your individual positions of interest. You will be able to optimize your candidacy and visibility in scanning systems. 
Services Available
The resume document is a snapshot of your career within two pages, to highlight the most recent, relevant achievements and experience. We will help you secure all the information necessary to communicate your story within the resume structure. This comprehensive process steps you through gathering the information, identifying your strengths, your leadership style, and building your brand. The document you receive will be highly customizable within the top quarter of the first page, while the remainder of the document will convey the scope of your transferable skills, leadership, and achievements.


  • Typically the first draft is available within 5 to 7 business days of completed worksheet receipt, confirmation and a post-worksheet consultation call. This is a collaborative process where the writer will identify gaps in information that they will help you develop.

  • Final documents are provided in MS Word, PDF, and Text. 

  • Preparation of your documents is an often overlooked opportunity to build confidence and improve your interview skills where many clients underestimate their career achievements.  

LinkedIn Profile 
Jobvite's 2020 survey reported that 87% of recruiters regularly utilize LinkedIn for their search and 67% consider it the best source to find the highest quality candidates, so it's a critical element of your overall strategy. We will create the LinkedIn Profile utilizing your newly created resume. The format is a bit different from your resume. For example, the About / Summary section should be written in the first person. We will provide a character-specific MS Word document. You will copy and paste the information in the appropriate fields on LinkedIn.  

Executive Biography 
The Executive Biography allows us to provide a story-like snapshot of your career progression. It can be used in networking, speaking engagements, recruiter communications, Board appointments, and venture capital solicitation. Specialized recruiters typically prefer to use an Executive Biography when presenting a client at the executive level. 
Cover Letter 
The Cover Letter is a critical marketing tool allowing you to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and convey your potential contribution to their organization. It is also another opportunity to maximize your keyword hits. The format that we recommend is easily customizable toward your individual positions of interest. Brevity is key to quickly communicate why a recruiter or hiring manager should keep reading your documents. You will receive an individual submission and recruiter version providing the verbiage for both situations. Surveys have shown that 68% of executives polled said cover letters are valuable when evaluating job candidates. It also revealed that 47% of job seekers did not submit a cover letter with their most recent submission, however it is still a useful tool to differentiate yourself.

Consulting / Advisory Call

One-on-one call to discuss worksheet or documents further than scope of project.

Complete Rewrite Service Packages 

  • Basic Package - Resume & LinkedIn Profile 

  • Standard Package - Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Profile 

  • Premium Package - Resume, CL, LI Profile, & Executive Bio 

  • Consulting / Advisory Call $200 Per 30 Minutes (With Purchase of Writing Service - Limited Availability)


Our Full Writing Process 

Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you.

  1. Please contact us for a quote or order a resume / LinkedIn Profile review

  2. Once you place your order, you will receive an interview worksheet via email.

  3. Please send your completed worksheet to

  4. You will receive confirmation of the completed worksheet receipt and available times to schedule our consultation call.

  5. You will receive the first draft within 5 to 7 business days of the consultation call.

  6. The documents will be revised using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Typically we anticipate 2 to 3 revisions for fine-tuning. You will receive the appropriate formats for each document.

  7. After we finalize the resume, you will receive the LinkedIn Profile. It will be a character-specific MS Word document. You will copy and paste the information in the appropriate fields on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Profile will be reviewed after the updates have been completed.

  8. You're ready to start submitting your documents for consideration on open roles.

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